• auditor conducts blower door test

    A blower door test measures air leaks in the home and helps prioritize the areas for work.

  • air leaks diagram (Source: US EPA)

    Air leaks waste money spent on heating and cooling. (Diagram Source: US EPA)

  • thermal imaging building exterior

    Thermal imaging can provide a handy visual aid that helps detect heat loss. Infrared cameras are most effective while the blower door is running.

  • auditor and client review portfolio of successful energy renovation projects

    We have an extensive portfolio of successful energy renovation projects that help illustrate the problems and potential solutions within your building.

  • member of an energy renovation crew injects dense pack cellulose

    Tubing from the attic down into a slanted ceiling to inject dense pack cellulose is often a top priority on the retrofit task list.

Save Money and
Improve Comfort

Do you have?:

  • High heating bills
  • Drafts and cold spots
  • Hot rooms in summer
  • Mold or moisture on windows, ceilings, or walls
  • A damp (but dry) basement
  • Rodents in walls
  • Lots of spider webs

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