Capstone Community Action Weatherization

  • member of an energy renovation crew injects dense pack cellulose

    Tubing from the attic down into a slanted ceiling to inject dense pack cellulose is often a top priority on the retrofit task list.

Capstone Community Action (formerly Central Vermont Community Action Council) provides weatherization services free of charge to Vermonters in our service area who meet income and other qualifications.

Customer Testimonials

Here's what some weatherization recipients have said about the program:

The overall work done was very satisfactory.

East Montpelier

They were courteous, friendly, and helpful with questions.


One word: Excellence! The work done on our home would not have been done for years, if not for you folks. Thank you, thank you!


The work was done very quickly and done right!

East Barre

They were quiet, fast, and very good at what they were doing. Half the time, we couldn't even hear them working. I would refer this crew to anyone wishing to have their house done! Whatever they get paid, they should get more.


Everyone was polite, competent and helpful. Care was taken with the removal and reinstallation of clapboards and a usable attic hatch. It's like the heater is on vacation already. They were happy to explain procedures and ask if there were any particulars I wanted dealt with.


Air in home seems warmer and a lot less heat loss. Hardly knew they were here working and picked up after themselves. Great results overall.


They were excellent! Hard working and courteous!


They explained what they were doing, answered my questions (and my 4-year-old son's questions), and cleaned up everything and put it back in its place. The crew was extremely polite and professional and they worked diligently—even though it was excruciatingly cold outside! I really think this is a great program, and I greatly appreciate all that you've done!


There were a lot of people here working! They were all working very hard. When they came into the house, they were very courteous—if we had questions they answered them and they let us know what they were doing next. Thanks for the good work! We noticed the difference right away - less fuel being used!


Thank you! I would never be able to afford all the work done at my home.


They showed up on time and got right right to work. They explained things as they went, and they cleaned up behind themselves - everything was neat as it was when they arrived. All in all, an extremely satisfactory job. This is a great program, really helpful. Keep up the good work!


I just feel better and safer with the furnace being fixed. I am very grateful!

Hyde Park

They showed up when they said would, did what was planned in a very thorough and professional manner. All the work was completed in one day. We were very impressed.


I asked for an explanation of the work they were performing, and they complied with a clear explanation. Everything done on my behalf was very satisfactory. I feel fortunate that I now have an energy efficient home.


From day one, they worked with professionalism, diligence, were respectful, polite and worked hard until the job was done! This is an amazing program…it has made a difference in so many ways. You are a true blessing.