What is Home Performance with ENERGY STAR®?

Efficiency Vermont promotes a whole-house performance diagnostic testing service called Home Performance with ENERGY STAR, which can help you solve health and safety issues, increase the comfort, durability and indoor air quality of your home, and lower energy bills through quality improvements.

The federal government has extended the familiar ENERGY STAR program to cover buildings. You're probably used to seeing the ENERGY STAR logo on appliances. But did you know there's a program to help houses be more efficient, too? We are a certified Home Performance with ENERGY STAR contractor, which means that we have been certified by Efficiency Vermont to offer energy assessments and renovation services to all Vermonters.

Building Performance Institute

We're also certified by the Building Performance Institute, which sets the standards for building efficiency, and has developed the protocols for testing buildings and performing energy-efficient renovations. All of our staff members are trained by this national organization.

Home Performance is all about testing, and gathering good information to make cost-effective home improvements. "If you don't test, you have to guess."