Energy Renovation Solutions

  • air-sealed basement

    Air-sealed basement

  • air-sealed attic

    Air-sealed attic

  • air-sealing the attic

    Air-sealing the attic

  • attic insulation

    Attic insulation

There are a number of ways to improve building performance, and they vary depending on the type of issues discovered during the energy assessment and the type of building. In general, building efficiency is a function of maintenance. Buildings deteriorate over time, and maintenance and upkeep are required just to slow the deterioration. Eventually, parts of your home need to be completely replaced according to the lifespan of the material.

How Does this Play Out in Real Life?

You expect to repair or upgrade your roof and your furnace as they age. However, you may not have thought very much about the need for an insulation upgrade, which is a key factor in the security and efficiency of the building envelope.

Moisture, mold, drafts, warm and cold spots are all symptoms of poor building performance—and these are all problems that can be addressed through energy renovations.

Air-Seal and Insulate

Energy efficient homes are wrapped in a continuous “building envelope” that consists of two interconnected barriers, the air barrier and the thermal barrier. Air-sealing and insulating a home is the most cost-effective measure for improving building performance.

  • Air Barrier: Seals air leaks that stop air under pressure from pushing through insulation, cracks, and holes in the building; the air barrier addresses convective heat loss
  • Thermal Barrier: Composed of good insulating materials that resist conductive heat loss

We will make recommendations and give you an estimate for installing air-sealing and upgrading insulation in your home to improve your comfort and save money on energy bills.

Moisture Control

Moisture needs to be controlled at the source.

Dirt, stone, or damp basements are the most significant sources of moisture that can cause problems in Vermont homes.

Controlling moisture from bathrooms, showers, kitchens and garages is critical for good indoor air quality.

Managed Ventilation

Moisture, chemicals, and combustion gases can create health problems in any home, but relatively tight structures are at greatest risk. Preventing these problems at the source and maintaining adequate fresh air through mechanical ventilation is critical to healthy, safe, and properly functioning buildings.

A comprehensive improvement project may involve air-sealing, insulation, heating system improvements and tune-ups, moisture control, and managed ventilation. We may be able to determine if your home needs more ventilation measures once we complete your assessment.

Services to Improve Building Performance

We offer the full scope of services to help improve building performance, lower heating costs, and increase the comfort of interior spaces.

  • Energy Assessments: We conduct a series of building diagnostic tests that help us understand the best ways to improve performance and make your house more comfortable.
  • Energy Renovations Services: After an energy assessment, we can complete the contracting services that will make your home more efficient. Our crews are qualified and certified, with experience in hundreds of Vermont homes. We provide all materials and equipment, and usually we finish a job in 2-3 days.