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    A heat pump is a great, energy efficient way to cool your home.

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What Customers Say About EnergySmart’s Work

In this video, four EnergySmart customers talk about the reasons why they decided to improve their homes’ energy efficiency. They also discuss the results they’ve seen since the projects were completed.

  • "Overall the insulation done to the house performed splendidly. There were significantly fewer cold spots in the house, and absolutely no noticeable drafts anywhere. Thank you again for all the quality work!"

    Josh Drake, Randolph Center
  • "We saved a ton of money. Couldn’t be happier with how things turned out."

    Miles Hooper, Randolph
  • "We will be on track for using a total of 700 gallons for this heating season, one which is much colder than normal. Considering that this is 1000 gallons LESS than last year, I would say that your crew did a pretty good job of sealing up the house."

    David Childs, Orange
  • I like working for Energy Smart because it is a very friendly and family-oriented place, the hours are flexible, the benefits are great, and so are the people I work with. I have been an employee going on 7 years, started at the bottom doing the insulation work, and now the auditing.

Heat Pump Installation

Looking to take control of the hard to cool, hard to heat room?

Are the high heating costs of your home heating system continuing to rise? What about that hot room that your air conditioner struggles to keep up with during the sweltering summer? Many homeowners across Vermont and Massachusetts are surprised to learn that there's a year-round solution to both of these problems. The heat pump, also known as a ductless heat pump or ductless mini split is a single, efficient and cost-effective unit that does it all.  

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