If you’re looking for the latest tips, tricks, and recommendations for saving energy and staying comfortable in your Vermont home, you’ve hit the jackpot! Our team of home performance specialists regularly update our blog so you can stay informed on the cutting edge of building science, and how it can reduce the amount of energy your home loses while you are trying to keep you and your family as comfortable as possible.

At EnergySmart Vermont, our goal is to help reduce your home’s energy consumption and carbon footprint, while keeping your home cozy warm in the winter and refreshingly cool in the summer. But beyond that, we want to give you the tools you need to take control of your own home comfort and energy bills!  So browse our collection of blogs to learn things like how to prevent ice dams, what makes for a thorough EnergySmart Vermont energy audit, how a heat pump works, and more.

garden in front of log cabin in vermont
June 30, 2021

Wondering how to improve home efficiency? Does insulation help with cooling? Struggling to cool your Barre or Washington County home? Consult the pros at EnergySmart of Vermont to learn more about the benefits of indoor insulation and air sealing...

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spray foam insulation around skylight
June 7, 2021

Find out how upgrading your insulation and air sealing will help you save money and keep your home cool and comfortable all summer long. EnergySmart of VT is the central Vermont insulation expert, and we install all types of indoor insulation,...

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hand holding remote control for mini split indoor
June 3, 2021

Are you looking for an alternative to central air conditioning for your Vermont home? Installing a heat pump is a great option here in Vermont where there are only a few months of hot weather to worry about each year. 

vase of daisies on living room table
May 6, 2021

Find out how you can clean up your indoor air and improve your Vermont home's IAQ with help from the experts at EnergySmart of VT. What are the signs of poor indoor air quality? What causes indoor air pollution? Get answers to all of your...

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secret to healthier indoor air energysmart of vermont
April 29, 2021

Find out why insulation and air sealing are the secrets to improving your home's indoor air quality. EnergySmart of VT can help you keep your home healthy by upgrading your insulation and sealing up air leaks. Schedule an energy audit today to...

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spring moisture problems
April 14, 2021

Learn about the signs of moisture intrusion and find out how you can fix moisture problems in your house. EnergySmart of VT specializes in moisture control for Vermont homeowners. Schedule a consultation with our team today to find out what’s...

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Mini split heat pump
February 25, 2021

Size matters when it comes to heat pumps! Learn about the problems with over and undersized heat pumps and how heat pumps are sized to maximize efficiency. EnergySmart of VT installs cold climate heat pumps and can size a system for optimal...

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Windows with snow on them
February 11, 2021

When moisture accumulates inside your home, it can lead to harmful mold growth and structural damage. Learn how to detect moisture in the basement and how to resolve your moisture issues with an energy audit and home upgrades like insulation and...

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foam sealing around the door frame
January 7, 2021

Heating and cooling costs can add up quickly, especially during the freezing winters here in Barre, Vermont. And while there’s no denying the fact that energy costs money, you shouldn’t have to empty your savings account just to keep your...

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Woman suffering from the effects of poor indoor air quality
January 5, 2021

EnergySmart of Vermont can help you determine whether your indoor air quality is making you sick with an energy audit. We take a whole-home approach to IAQ in Barre VT and can solve your air pollution problems with tailored solutions like...

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