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When is the right time for an energy audit?

There’s no time like the present!


January 10, 2020

Even if you already know about all of the energy-saving potential of a thorough energy assessment called an energy audit, from a home performance professional like EnergySmart of Vermont, it can be tough to know when you should schedule one. 

In this blog we will discuss the benefits of an energy audit, and how our team goes about unearthing the vital information you need to increase the comfort, efficiency and even value of your home.

What is Included in an Energy Audit?

One of the things that set EnergySmart of Vermont apart from other home performance contractors is the holistic nature of our energy audits. We do not just test one system of the house to find one symptomatic solution. We look at the whole home, as a system. Our energy audits include a series of tests and equipment, such as:

  • Thermal imaging cameras

  • Blower door testing

  • Heating & cooling system tests

  • Combustion efficiency & safety testing

We then combine the results of your test with the latest in building science knowledge, and provide you with a detailed written report. 

So, when is the best time to schedule an energy audit?

It’s in-between seasons

A great time to take inventory of your home performance is before the extreme New England weather hits. This allows your energy auditor to access all of the necessary areas of your home more comfortably and safely, and gives you the insight you need to make any recommended home upgrades. Schedule an energy audit now in early fall, so you can stay cozy and save money throughout the winter!

Your Energy Bills Have Been Rising

Have your heating and cooling bills seemed to be on a steady upward trajectory? If your energy bills are rising but you aren’t changing your energy-using habits, your home is likely wasting energy. Scheduling an energy audit as soon as possible will identify the culprit, so you can stop hemorrhaging money to an unknown energy-sucker!

Your Home Is Drafty or Uncomfortable

As the nights get cooler this fall, perhaps you are noticing an uptick in the indoor drafts you feel in your own home. This signifies that something may have changed or gotten worse in your building envelope (the barrier between your living space and the outdoor air). An energy audit can locate where the air is leaking in your home, as well as the current state of your insulation so you can make the upgrades necessary to keep you cozy before the snow starts to fall.

Make Informed Decisions with Your Home Upgrades This Fall

When it comes to making your home as comfortable as possible, you need the right information before you can make the right decision with your home improvements. Beat the rush of procrastinating homeowners by scheduling your EnergySmart energy audit before the snow falls, so that you can save energy (and energy costs) in a better performing home. Plus, we can help you avoid the headache and destruction of ice dams!

Listen to what your home is telling you — Schedule an energy audit today by calling 802-476-3549 or you can get in touch here.