heat pump exterior unit

Heating and cooling, all in one device?

That’s the power of heat pumps.


September 6, 2019

Even if you haven’t seen a heat pump before, you have no doubt felt the heating and cooling power of heat pumps here in Vermont! Heat pumps have become an increasingly popular solution for supplementing central furnaces and air conditioners, or for finally taming the temperatures of that hard to reach room. You have most certainly felt the power of a heat pump at a local business, or in the house of a friend or family member. But you may be asking yourself, “what does a heat pump look like?” or “how does a heat pump work?”

What Makes Heat Pumps Different?

Heat pumps operate differently than your traditional air conditioner or furnace. Primarily, one heat pump can provide both hot and cold air, all year round. This means you can use heat pumps as a targeted home comfort solution in one room, or you can combine multiple heat pumps for a whole home solution (more on this later).  

A heat pump transfers heat between the inside of your home and the air outside, which is a much more efficient process than other heating and cooling equipment. In the summer, heat pumps removes heat from your home and sends it outdoors, and in the winter the process is reversed. Even in sub-freezing temperatures, a heat pump makes use of ambient heat in the outside air, keeping your family warm through the rough New England winter.

What Does a Heat Pump Look Like?

Heat pumps (also known as mini splits) are made up of two units: an outdoor condensing unit and an indoor air handler. The outdoor condensing unit looks similar to the outdoor unit of a standard air conditioner, with a blower fan and vent in a metal housing. The indoor air handler is a wide but shallow unit that is mounted directly on the wall of the room where it is needed, and is controlled by a remote. If you are looking to utilize heat pumps as a whole home heating and cooling solution, you can combine multiple indoor air handlers with a single outdoor condensing units.

Reasons to Install A Heat Pump

Even if you already have a central AC system, furnace or oil boiler, a heat pump can still be used to upgrade your overall home comfort. At EnergySmart of Vermont we have seen many homeowners just like you turn to heat pump installation to solve problems, like:

  • Heating and cooling a recent addition to your home

  • Reduce the wear and tear on current heating & cooling equipment

  • Converting your outdated oil furnace with an energy efficient solution

  • Increasing your indoor air quality

Because the two units if a heat pump are connected using refrigerant line, there is no need for ductwork. Ductwork is notoriously leaky, and often allows excess contaminants and allergens into your home, which makes heat pump installation a great way to upgrade your indoor air quality! 

On the Fence About Heat Pumps? Ask EnergySmart of Vermont!

As the whole home performance experts serving we have helped many homeowners make the right home comfort upgrades for their homes. If you are looking to switch to the energy efficient heating and cooling power of heat pumps for your Vermont home, get in touch with EnergySmart of Vermont to schedule a consult. Looking for other ways to improve your overall home comfort? We offer thorough and accurate energy audits to uncover all the ways your home is losing energy.

Looking for an energy efficient and compact heating and cooling solution for your Vermont home? Get in touch with EnergySmart of Vermont, to see if heat pump installation is right for you. Call us at 802-476-3549 or contact us today.