huge ice dams on a houce

Do you still think ice dams begin up on your roof?

The answer may surprise you.


December 13, 2019

Ice dams are a serious concern for New England homeowners once the snow starts to fall. But did you know that preventing ice dams from ruining your new year should begin before winter is in full force?

The homes of Vermont (and the Vermonters that live inside of them) are no stranger to the damage of ice dams. EnergySmart of Vermont has been in the trenches of the fight against ice dams for over 30 years, so here is what you need to know about how ice dams form, and what you can do now to avoid a frozen, wet mess later in the winter. 

Ice Dam Prevention Season

Even though ice dams are known to wreak havoc on roofs, the key to preventing them lies inside your home. The heat you use to stay warm can leak up through your ceiling and into your attic, where it melts the rooftop snow. That snowmelt then refreezes on colder parts of the roof, and creates a dam where the ensuing snowmelt is locked into place, damaging your roofing material and even getting into your attic and causing water damage in your room.

Schedule an Energy Audit

An energy audit is a full diagnostic test of your home performance. Through an energy audit, EnergySmart of Vermont will locate air gaps or cracks in your home’s construction or areas where your insulation is lacking or deteriorated. This gives us the exact locations where the heat from your furnace, boiler, or heat pump is escaping up into your attic and causing the snow accumulation to melt and re-freeze. 

Air Seal & Insulate Your Home

After your energy audit, you will receive a detailed report on what home performance upgrades can help prevent ice dams from forming once winter arrives, as well as other energy-saving recommendations. We often find that properly air sealing and insulating a home before the snow of winter arrives is the best way for Vermonters to stay ice dam free until spring. Plus, it will increase the energy efficiency of your home before your heating bills start to rise. This allows you to save the maximum on your winter utility costs.

EnergySmart of Vermont: The Ice Dam Prevention Specialists

We know a thing or two about life in Vermont, because we live here, too. We know that ice dams can ruin your winter, and even your spring, and the EnergySmart team takes pride in keeping ice dams at bay for our family, friends, and neighbors. Keep the heat you use at home right where you need it, spend less on your heating costs, and stave off the frozen headache of ice dams by scheduling your energy audit today!

Looking to avoid the frozen headache of ice dams this year? Time is running out — schedule an energy audit today with EnergySmart of Vermont by calling 802-476-3549 or get in touch here.