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Looking to avoid the drafts and uncomfortable indoor temperatures of last year?

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October 8, 2019

Summer never seems to last long enough here in New England, and that slight chill in the morning air has sent the silent message to the homeowners of Vermont that fall is on its way. As you rely less on the cooling power of your air conditioner, you may find yourself wondering what you can do to better prepare your home for a comfortable and energy efficient autumn and winter.

At EnergySmart of Vermont, our experience in energy renovation and upgrading the performance of homes throughout the state has taught us one thing: understanding your home performance is the first step towards improving it. This is why we recommend scheduling an energy audit before fall lands in New England!

The Importance of an Energy Audit

An energy audit is also often called an energy assessment, and at its core is a thorough diagnostic test of how your home is currently performing. The goal of a professional energy audit is to uncover any and all of the weak links in your home’s structure and systems that may be reducing how efficiently and effectively those systems perform.  For example, a home energy audit may reveal insufficient insulation, or cracks and gaps in ceilings, floors or walls that are allowing for the conditioned air inside your living space to escape into the outdoor air, and vice versa. 

At the end of each energy audit performed by the efficiency experts at EnergySmart, we provide the homeowner with a report detailing the results. This report is a culmination of multiple home performance tests, including:

  • An air leakage test (also known as a blower door test)

  • A visual inspection using thermal imaging

  • Basement  inspection

  • Attic inspection 

Included in the many benefits of an energy audit is the list of recommendations you will receive with your results. Each EnergySmart of Vermont energy audit comes with a tailored list of home performance upgrades that will provide you the maximum energy savings and upgraded comfort – not just for the fast-approaching chillier months of autumn and winter, but all year round.

Reducing Your Fall (& Winter) Energy Bills

One reason an energy audit is so important before summer turns to fall is so that you have time to implement the recommended upgrades that come with your report. For example, we commonly see homes with insulation and building envelope issues anywhere from the attic all the way to the basement. Adequate insulation and a properly sealed and ventilated building envelope are two of the most important aspects of keeping an energy efficient home. In order to install new insulation in an attic or crawlspace, the old insulation will first have to be removed. The earlier you can perform these upgrades the better prepared you will be for the drop in temperatures come fall and winter. Other home performance upgrades we may recommend can include:

An Energy Bill That Falls with the Leaves

You can’t fix a broken car until you know what’s wrong with it, and you can’t increase the energy efficiency of your home without understanding where you are losing energy. Schedule your energy audit now, and beat the rush of the procrastinating homeowners looking for a quick fix. Plus, the earlier you can get your home in peak performance mode, the further your energy bills will drop as the winter gets closer! Don’t leave your family out in the cold this fall — take control of your home comfort and energy costs when you partner with EnergySmart of Vermont. 

Looking to get smart about the energy your Vermont home uses? Schedule an energy audit with EnergySmart of Vermont! Call 802-476-3549 or contact us today to schedule your energy audit.