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Got high energy bills and home comfort issues?

We’ll find the perfect solution. 


September 16, 2019

Whether you are looking to reduce your energy bills and environmental impact or you are just looking for some expert help in keeping your Vermont home more comfortable, you may be wondering what it is a professional home performance contractor like EnergySmart Vermont can do for your home. People often ask us, “which home performance upgrades should I focus on?” And who could blame someone for wanting to make the best decision for their home, and their family? But here at EnergySmart Vermont, the answer to that question changes every day. And why, you ask? Because no two homes are the same!

Vermont’s Premier Energy Audit Company

As a certified energy audit contractor based here in Barre, VT, the EnergySmart team takes a custom, whole home approach to each and every job. We recommend beginning each home performance job with an energy audit, to give us a clear picture of what is causing your “symptoms”. Symptoms like:

An energy audit is an in-depth assessment of your home from top to bottom, uncovering any of the hidden inefficiencies that are behind any of your home performance issues. Without an energy audit, all you can do is take a guess as to what will actually increase your home comfort and efficiency! After your energy audit is complete, you will receive a detailed report that will outline recommended solutions to your home performance problems, such as:

Insulation Upgrades for Ice Dam Prevention

Did you know that the primary cause of ice dams here in Vermont is outdated or insufficient insulation in the attic? As snow piles up on your roof in the bitter New England winter, the heat you use in your home to stay warm will rise up into your attic through holes in your lighting fixtures, fans, and other small air gaps. The role of the insulation in your attic is to keep that heat from leaving your living space — but if there isn’t enough insulation (or it has been damaged) that hot air will heat up the underside of your roof. This heat melts the snow accumulation, which will drain all the way down to colder parts of the roof where it refreezes. This frozen buildup prevents future snowmelt from properly draining off of your roof, and that water is forced down into your shingles and attic where it can cause structural damage. We recommend air sealing and insulation upgrades to prevent any damage from future ice dams.

Moisture Control

When the humidity here in Vermont reaches its late summer and early fall highs of 80%+, the risk of mold growth is extremely high. The EPA recommends keeping home humidity below 60%, to not only reduce mold growth but to deter pests like roaches and mites. We solve moisture issues by preventing moisture infiltration in the first place. This is done by installing a vapor resistant membrane in your crawlspace or basement, upgrading any floor insulation, and upgrading the fans and ventilation in particularly humid areas like the bathroom and kitchen.

Fixing That One Hot Room

It could be that you have added a room to your home since you moved it, or you’ve always had a hard-to-reach bonus room above the garage — whatever the case, there are a couple of ways to fix the issue. If the ductwork of your central heating and cooling system doesn’t reach the room in question, it is a great candidate for heat pump installation!

Solving a hot room can also be done through upgraded attic insulation. Like we mentioned before, the role of insulation in the winter is to keep heat inside your living space. But in the summertime, proper attic insulation also prevents the sun’s rays from heating up the air in your attic. The cooler your attic is, the more comfortable your home will be overall!

Trust Vermont’s Whole Home Experts

At EnergySmart Vermont, our certified team of building science experts will ensure that we make the smart move when it comes to upgrading your home performance. We will never sell you on something you don’t need — our only goal is a more comfortable and energy efficient home for you and your family. Take control of your high energy bills and uncomfortable home today, by scheduling your energy audit with EnergySmart Vermont!

Tired of living with high energy bills in an already uncomfortable home? We can help. Schedule an energy audit with EnergySmart Vermont today! Call us at 802-476-3549 or contact us today.