April 29, 2021

1. What’s the secret to better indoor air quality and a healthier home?

2. One of them is upgrading your insulation and air sealing! 

3. Smoke, pollen, dirt get inside when air infiltrates gaps and cracks in your home’s construction. 

4. These contaminants pollute your indoor air and hurt your home’s health. 

5. Outdoor air also brings excess moisture into your home, which can cause mold to grow inside your insulation. 

6. Replacing dirty insulation will remove contaminants that would otherwise circulate your breathing air. 

7. And sealing up air leaks will stop outside air from bringing in more contaminants. 

8. Want to find out whether your home needs new insulation and air sealing? 

9. Schedule an energy audit with the insulation contractor Washington County homeowners trust!

Want healthier indoor air?

Start with an energy audit!