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January 29, 2020

Heat loss infographic

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Did you know: Up to 30% of Your Home Heating Could Be Wasted!

Do you experience any of these frustrating symptoms in your home during the winter??

  • Drafty, cold rooms

  • Ice dams on your roof

  • Cold morning floors or second floors

  • Higher than expected heating costs

Air leaks, and a lack of insulation could be sending the heat from your furnace or boiler right out the window (or door, or attic, or crawlspace). Here are the areas your home you may no realize could be costing you in heating bills and home comfort.

The Common Areas of Heat Loss

1. Attics and Crawlspaces:

Air leaks, along with old or insuffieicnt insulation, account for the majority of a home’s wasted heat.

2. Doors and windows:

Just an ⅛ inch gap under an exterior door can let as much heat out as a 2½ inch hole in the wall. Plus, windows are notorious for air leaks from improper installation!

3. Fireplace:

Broken or missing dampers can let large amounts of heat escape all winter long.

4. Plumbing:

The areas where plumbing enters and exits the rooms in your home can be prime locations for air leaks.

5. Fans/Vents:

The areas surrounding fan and vent enclosures in your ceiling and walls can be missing crucial air sealing.

Stopping Heat Loss In Your Home Begins with Insulation and Air Sealing. To find out where your home is most in need of these home performance upgrades, schedule a home energy audit with EnergySmart of VT. Using cutting-edge technology, a passion for building science, and local experience making Vermont homes more comfortable and energy efficient, our audits will give you a detailed analysis of your home performance and show you can increase comfort and reduce energy costs.

Tired of paying to “heat the whole neighborhood” during the winter? Keep your heat in your own home this year. Call 802-476-3549 or contact us to schedule a home energy audit today.