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November 25, 2020

Are you one of those thermostat hounds that keeps a close eye on the temperature to ensure your family doesn’t use the furnace too much? A high heating bill can be financially draining, and it is especially frustrating when you are careful about your home comfort choices in the first place.

Here are a few common issues with Vermont homes that can cause heating bills to rise,  and how solving these issues can lead to an increase in indoor air quality, health and safety, and energy savings.

Heat Loss is the Foe of Winter Comfort

When a heating system, such as a furnace, boiler, or heat pump, is efficiently creating heat for use in your home, you might expect that your energy use is equally as efficient. However, if your home is allowing heat to escape, through hidden inefficiencies in the construction of your home, it will force your heating equipment to work harder to keep up with the heating load.  

There are two ways heat can escape: Through the materials that your home is made of, or through an open air hole. 

These two home performance issues can be solved by air sealing and properly insulating. 

Air Sealing & Insulation

Insulation may already exist in your home. But the vast majority of homes in Vermont, and throughout the rest of the country, are under-insulated. Insulation must be installed at proper R-levels (a measurement of an insulation material’s resistance to heat transfer) in order to provide the maximum benefit. Insulation is most necessary in the following areas of a home:

  • Basement or crawl space

  • Attic

  • Exterior walls

Proper attic insulation can go a long way toward stabilizing your indoor temperatures, but it can also prevent ice dams from forming on your roof!

Air sealing is the process of locating all of the tiny air holes, cracks, and leaks throughout your entire home. This prevents air from freely entering and escaping your house, bringing with it unwanted indoor air contaminants and outdoor temperatures. This provides greater control over your indoor air, so it can be properly filtered and ventilated via your heating and cooling systems. 

Stop Heat Loss—Get an Energy Audit!

If you are looking to get some kind of home heat loss audit to see if you can improve the efficiency of your home this winter, you can schedule what we call an energy audit. This audit will uncover where your home is lacking in insulation, how much air leakage there is in your home,  and much more. After your audit, your EnergySmart of Vermont energy audit contractor will walk you through the recommended upgrades, like air sealing your existing home or adding high performance insulation to your attic.

Once your upgrades are complete, you can enjoy all the benefits of a better performing home, like:

  • Energy savings

  • Consistent temperatures throughout the whole house

  • Fewer drafts

  • A reduced carbon footprint

Looking for ways to reduce your home heating costs this winter? Schedule an energy audit and get started today! Call Energy Smart of Vermont at 802-476-3549 or get in touch here.