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September 24, 2019

So you’ve decided you’ve had enough of the indoor drafts, uncomfortable temperatures, and high heating and cooling bills all year round in your Vermont home, and you want to get answers with a professional energy audit. But when you searched “energy audit companies near me,” you no doubt got a wide range of results — and more importantly a wide range of prices.

Some of the other home performance contractors here in the will offer energy audits free of charge, which can be appealing. But are you really getting the information you need to improve your home performance, enhance your home comfort, and lower your home heating and cooling costs? At EnergySmart Vermont, our energy audits aren’t free — for good reason! Here’s why.

What You Should Get With A True Energy Audit

One reason some contractors reduce the cost of their energy audits down to $0 is that they have removed some of the necessary diagnostic tests that provide all the information you need. In order to make the home performance upgrades your home needs, you need a clear picture of how your entire home is performing! With the EnergySmart Vermont energy audit, we test your home top to bottom, with services including:

  • Exterior inspection to locate vents from bathroom fans, oven hood & dryer 

  • Interior walkthrough

  • Discussion with the homeowner about comfort & maintenance issues

  • Blower door test

  • Infrared scanner to locate exposed air leaks

  • Heating system test (as required by Home Performance with ENERGY STAR)

  • Combustion efficiency test

  • Combustion safety test in basement & kitchen

  • Inspection & review of electricity usage

  • Replacement of inefficient lightbulbs with Compact Fluorescent Lightbulbs (CFLs)

With a clear and comprehensive picture of how your home is performing, the home performance experts Energy Smart Vermont can make home improvement recommendations that will get at the heart of your home comfort and energy efficiency issues.

For example, you may have one room in your Vermont home that just won’t heat up in the winter, and gets far too stuffy throughout the summer. Using a blower door test and an infrared scanner, we will be able to know exactly how much air is leaking in and out of that uncomfortable room through tiny air holes and lapses in your insulation. Without the information, a blower door test and infrared imaging provide, you may spend much more than you need to on air conditioning and heating upgrades that do not fix the underlying issues — not to mention send your monthly utility costs sky high!

Understanding Your Energy Audit Report

After we have fully inspected and tested your house from the attic down to the basement, you will receive a written energy audit report, detailing out recommendations for energy efficiency and home comfort renovations. This will include an accurate estimate of the renovation costs and provide information about your potential savings, including how quickly to expect a return on your investment.

EnergySmart Vermont: The Energy Audit Professionals

If you were suffering from chronic abdominal pain, would you trust any old “free MRI”? When it comes to the health and comfort of your home, you get what you pay for. If you are looking to get to the heart of your home performance issues instead of just a Band-Aid fix, or don’t want to fall victim to a quote-fueled sales pitch, schedule your energy audit with the trusted home performance contractor throughout Barre, Woodstock, Washington County and the rest of the Upper-Valley region of Vermont. 

Looking to get what you pay for with your energy audit? Schedule your energy audit with the home performance professionals at Energy Smart Vermont today! Call us at  802-476-3549 or contact us.