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December 1, 2020

You’re sitting, relaxing on the couch after a long winter day here in Washington County, and you get up to grab something out of your spare room, only to find it’s significantly colder than the rest of the house! What could be causing that one room to be cold when the rest of your house isn’t, and how can you fix it before your picky in-laws show up for the holidays?

At EnergySmart of Vermont, we have been helping homeowners deal with issues like this (especially in historical homes) throughout Barre and Washington Counties. Here are the underlying reasons for many of the issues related to heating in your home, and how you can improve your home comfort while reducing your energy consumption.

No Comfort to Spare

There are a couple of reasons why one of the rooms in your home won’t stay as comfortable as the rest of your living space:

  1. The room is underinsulated and leaky

  2. The room was not included in the original heating and cooling system plans, whether that means the existence of baseboard heating or ductwork access in that room, or even the size of your furnace

The best way to determine the exact cause behind your cold spare room is with an energy audit. This audit combines our better building science knowledge and experience with the best in diagnostic equipment to locate the exact areas where your home is underinsulated or particularly prone to leak, and reveal how you can move forward and make your home more comfortable and energy efficient. 

Solution: Consider a Heat Pump for Winter

If your frustratingly freezing room is due to a lack of ductwork or any existing heating system, a heat pump or ductless mini-split is well suited for the Vermont winter climate. Heat pumps and mini-splits are extremely energy efficient solutions for heating a targeted area. Instead of connecting heat pumps to your central ductwork, ductless mini-splits can be installed directly in the room that requires the extra heating and cooling.

Heat pumps run entirely on electricity, and because they move heat instead of creating it they are more efficient than most central HVAC systems. This means you can reduce your energy bill and your carbon footprint, and increase your whole-home comfort!

Solution: Insulate & Air Seal

If your cold spare room does in fact include an air vent coming from your central heating and cooling system, or baseboard heating, the unwanted temperatures could be caused by a lack of insulation and air leaks that allow for too much heat loss. The best way to insulate and air seal your home will all be uncovered during your energy audit. 

Insulation and air sealing will provide many other benefits for your entire home as well, such as: 

  • Fewer indoor drafts

  • Reduced energy costs

  • Improved indoor air quality

  • Less wear and tear on your heating and cooling system

We’ll Fix That “One Cold Room”!

If you are looking to add a heat pump to your home with a trusted heat pump installer in Vermont, or you want to get at the heart of your home comfort issues through an energy audit, get in touch with EnergySmart of Vermont. Our team is here to help you stay smart about your energy use, without losing out on the comforts of home. Schedule your energy audit today, and ask how heat pumps in Vermont are well-suited for our climate.

Is there one stubborn room in your home that won’t stay warm? Call 802-476-3549 or contact us to schedule an energy audit or heat pump installation!