If you’re looking for the latest tips, tricks, and recommendations for saving energy and staying comfortable in your Vermont home, you’ve hit the jackpot! Our team of home performance specialists regularly update our blog so you can stay informed on the cutting edge of building science, and how it can reduce the amount of energy your home loses while you are trying to keep you and your family as comfortable as possible.

At EnergySmart Vermont, our goal is to help reduce your home’s energy consumption and carbon footprint, while keeping your home cozy warm in the winter and refreshingly cool in the summer. But beyond that, we want to give you the tools you need to take control of your own home comfort and energy bills!  So browse our collection of blogs to learn things like how to prevent ice dams, what makes for a thorough EnergySmart Vermont energy audit, how a heat pump works, and more.

yellow bag filled with cellulose insulation
February 27, 2020

If it has been more than ten years since the insulation in your home was installed, you should keep an eye out for these three ways outdated insulation can affect the air you breath. EnergySmart of Vermont uncovers how improper insulation...

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cellulose insulation in an attic
February 11, 2020

Trying to decide which insulation material will be best to install in your attic? EnergySmart of Vermont walks you through the two insulation types recommended for the New England climate, and how insulation can prevent ice dams while stabilizing...

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heat pump covered in snow outside of a hosue
February 4, 2020

How is it that a heat pump can pull heat from the air outside, even when it's less-than-zero here in Vermont? EnergySmart of Vermont has helped countless homeowners maximize their savings with the reliable and efficient heating and cooling of...

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cast iron wood burning stove
January 21, 2020

Ever wondered if the smoke from your fireplace was introducing harmful particles into your breathing air? A poorly sealed wood stove could also have a negative impact on your heating bills. EnergySmart of Vermont uncovers what can make a wood...

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Infrared Thermography scanner
January 10, 2020

Before the snow starts accumulating, do you want to know how you can keep your home as warm and energy efficient as possible? Learn from EnergySmart of Vermont how an energy audit will help you stave off the damage of ice dams, reduce...

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man's hand adjusting a space heater
December 19, 2019

Trying to save money on your heating costs this winter? Learn about some of the common home heating myths that will actually keep your energy bills higher over the course of the winter months here in Vermont. Schedule an energy audit with...

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huge ice dams on a houce
December 13, 2019

Do you still think ice dams start on your roof? The real answer may surprise you. EnergySmart of Vermont helps homeowners prevent winter ice dams using the home performance insights from a professional energy audit. Schedule your energy audit...

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man with calculators and bills
November 19, 2019

Has the fight over the thermostat turned into a scene from Gladiator? Don't settle for choosing between having lower energy bills or staying comfortable in your own home. Learn how to improve the energy efficiency of your home without sacrificing...

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man at home using a tissue to combat allergy symptoms
November 11, 2019

Are you struggling to enjoy the changing color of the leaves because your fall allergies are in full swing? Make sure your Vermont home isn't making your health symptoms worse. Air seal and insulate your home with EnergySmart of Vermont, and...

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