Randolph Gambrel

Anne Stuart was uncomfortable in her Randolph gambrel-style home and believed that it might be completely uninsulated. The energy audit findings revealed that she was right. The walls and ceiling cavities were empty, and the basement was a major source of air leakage. Anne wanted to save fuel and be able to rely primarily on wood pellets for heat, but also wanted to preserve a finished attic space. She hired EnergySmart to insulate her whole home top-to-bottom, by any means necessary!

The large majority of homes don’t need to have their walls dense-packed, as most homes have insulation in the walls. But we were able to do a comprehensive retrofit, insulating Anne’s full basement and crawl spaces, dense-packing all walls, and dense-packing all sloped ceilings for $22,000. Zero insulation to fully insulated. Additionally, we were able to do all the dense-packing work from the outdoors, without disturbing interior finishes. Anne received the full $2,000 incentive on the job. And since then she has been able to cut her oil pre-buy contract in half, and she reduced her pellet consumption from four tons to three.

Starting blower-door test: 7,100
Final blower-door test: 3,200
Reduction in air leakage: 55%