Worcester Farmhouse

Dell Waterhouse is a retired elementary school teacher who purchased an old farmhouse in Worcester. She did not want to worry about volatile fuel bills on her fixed income and she wanted to do the right thing for the planet. Dell has grandchildren who she watches a few days a week and she cares a lot about their future. Dell knew that the basement of her home needed insulation, and she had that done as soon as she moved in. She knew that many of the doors in the home had big gaps around them, but she didn’t know what other efficiency measures to prioritize.

EnergySmart went up in the attic during the energy audit and we found the typical “old farmhouse” situation: very little insulation. Some of the home’s walls had been insulated during various renovations, but the infrared camera showed us that some walls were essentially empty. Our crew did a thorough attic air sealing, dense-packed the sloped ceilings from the attic, and added a 16-inch blanket of cellulose. They removed a few rows of clapboards to dense-pack walls. On a $9,700 job, Dell received $1,780 back from Efficiency Vermont, bringing the cost to her to just under $8,000.

Starting blower-door test: 5,200
Final blower-door test: 2,900
Reduction in air leakage: 44%